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Kadva Patidar 42 patel samaj have 128 villages and there are no.s of  family members which are living in different countries like U.S.A, Canada, Australia etc..

Kadva Patidar Samaj ( )  provides platform for the interaction of all the Gujaratis all over the world,   We communicate with each other in every functions which are Gujaratis settled outside Gujarat and the people of Gujarat.

Kadvapatel42samaj website provides information about Latest News, Events, Any function. It’s also provide photos and videos of particular Event and Function.

We provide the Completely free matrimonial services for Kadva Patidar 42 patel Samaj  communities and religions worldwide. We offer matrimonial services for people looking out for marriage partners.

It will be a unique platform for interaction of Gujarati's from different parts of the world. You will join as member in website and will get information about different members.